Hamana passionately believe in a holistic approach to regenerative environmental and human health. Through harmony with nature and with ourselve we can improve our physical, emotional and mental being.

Our Mission

Dissemination and interpretation of practice based knowledge to promote sustainable co-existence between humanity and the environment.

Core Values


We often feel separated from nature but we are from nature, What we tend to forget is that nature is in our nature


Nature is always regenerative and looks after itself. Our job is to work with nature and not against it. When nature is left alone, it has a tremendous ability to care for itself. However, when man enters the picture and uses many of the natural resources provided by the environment, things change.


We passionately believe in a holistic approach to regenerative environmental and human health. The time of sustainability is over, since we do not want to sustain the environment and our health as it is. We want to improve it. We want to improve soil health, improve plant health and improve our health.

Our Goals

  • Communicating science on environmental issues to different stakeholders and engaging in discussions to strive towards solutions.
  • Leading environmental education and awareness raising campaigns dealing with the protection of natural resources and sustainable agriculture
  • Empower people through the provision of practice based knowledge on sustainable livelihood skills
  • Hamana focuses on holistic human health approaches like yoga, ayurveda and reiki to harmonise with your own nature.
  • Hamana focuses on permaculture to show everyone how to live a sustainable lifestyle and how to contribute to the sustainability goals.
  • Hamana focuses on organic farming practices to produce your own food whereveryou are in this world with whatever space you have available
Silke Bollmohr, PhD in Environmental Science, Permaculturist, Organic Farmer, Yoga Teacher & Therapist, Ayurveda Health Adviser, Reiki Master.

From the Directors Desk

To grow my own healthy food, preparing my own teas and oils, while practicing yoga, ayurveda and reiki makes me a balanced happy person. Empowering people and teaching about how they can live a healthier life, through avoiding toxic substances, following a balanced diet and lifestyle and practcing yoga regularly is one of my deepest passion.

For the last decade Hamana have explored the intersection of mind-body therapies and continued to weave the fabric of the two together. The “top down” nature of psychotherapy and the “bottom up” nature of yoga therapy, somatic experiencing and reiki are a powerful combination for healing.

We have over 10 years experience carrying out capacity building and environmental education in sustainable farming techniques including organic farming and permaculture as a holistic approach. We are currently involved in a couple of design projects of school gardens and community gardens around Kenya.

Famous Quotes

“Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.”
B.K.S. Iyengar
“Health is a gift from Mother Nature, the power behind life. Health is your birth right, not disease. It is as natural to be well as it is to be born”
Swami Sivananda