There is no doubt that the world is increasingly becoming conscious of the need to live a healthy lifestyle. As the population increases, the demand for food increases as well which puts more pressure on the land to produce food. Most of this food, especially vegetables, is grown using conventional farming practices that involve heavy use of chemicals and inorganic fertilizers. As you probably know, the use of these chemicals is not very healthy for your body since they form residues that find their way on your dinner plate! However, this narrative is slowly changing since you can now grow your own food in your tiny balcony or even your urban farm!
Having your own garden gives you the chance to choose the variety of foods you want to grow. We are required to eat vegetables on a daily basis to have a variety of much-needed vitamins and minerals. Your farm can give you these vegetables to meet your family’s daily requirements. If space is utilized well, some of these foods you grow can also be sold to your neighbors or in the organic market near you. You can grow kale, spinach, tomatoes, bell pepper, carrots, onions, parsley, oregano, and basil among others.
Besides growing the food varieties you love most, having your own garden means you grow safe food. Buying vegetables from our markets puts you at risk of eating those that have been grown using pesticides. In a recent agribusiness forum, a farmer form Laikipia confessed that he has separate land where he grows his family’s food and that which he grows food for commercial purposes using pesticides. Some of these pesticides that are in use are banned from Europe due to their potential to cause cancer. If you grow your own vegetables, you grow them without these chemicals hence you grow safe food.
Lastly, having your own garden means you do not have to buy these food items in the market hence saving money. Buying vegetables can be expensive especially when it is bought in organic markets. These foods once bought are also subject to food loss through spoilage but when it is grown, you will just pick the food enough for the day and leave the rest growing. Food loss is quite high in especially due to postharvest which is a threat to food security. Growing food gives you a sense of responsibility hence you will take care of the farm and use the food responsibly. It is therefore great to farm your own food to ensure a healthy family!